Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Part 2: A New Beginning

My first winter in New York isn't as smooth as I think. People don't seem bother to it. They take a walk to reach block by block here. But me, I can't help it. The long-john and over coat don't help me from frozen air. I should wear gloves and I also have to buy ear muffs even I think I would be ridiculous with them. Now, entering the office building is the best plan to save myself from disaster outside. 

The lobby is warmer. I am imagining how warm it would in the office with a glass of hot chocolate. But suddenly Navid showed up from the elevator then dragged me out the building without telling me anything. He takes me by his hand to fifth avenue, about several blocks from our building. I have no idea why he does that.

"Don't we have to work?" I try to catching the step he takes.

"Let's have a free time until noon."

"No, I don't want to. It's freezing here and the office has warmth that I need." I stop then protesting. I would do anything for my job including freezing in this winter but for having free time in this kind of weather is suicidal. 

Navid looks at me unbelievably. 

"Don't you see steam every time we breath?" I blow some steam to the air to show it to him.

"Let's have sometime together." He said approaching me. He took off his gloves and put them on my hands. "And I promise, I won't let you catch a cold."

We're entering SOHO. Looking the products displayed. It was decorated with red and green. Typical Christmas.  We stop by the counter of perfume. He asks the keeper of Hugo Boss then he winks his eye to me.

"What is that wink?" He is never this absurd.

"I try to be your Hugo Boss man." He answers honestly.

I laugh unbelievably. 

The keeper interrupts us and guides us to the Hugo Boss rack.

"Thank you," said Navid to the keeper. The keeper replies with something nice then leaves us but I'm no longer paying attention to him and busy seeking my favorite on the display. 

"So, which one is your favorite?"

I shake my head. I won't tell. I still couldn't get the smell over and I hope I won't smell it on the other body ....  How could I move on with his smell sticking around me?

"C'mon! Tell me. That's must be great become your fantasy man." He teases me.

I frown. "What happened with you? You must be sick, Navid!"

"You adore that Hugo Boss guy as he's alive. Geez, I'm envy with fiction figure."

He just don't know that the Hugo Boss guy is real.

"You always describe his scent musky ...."

"... refreshing and not too intense. An ideal scent for work and everyday occasion." I correct the phrase.

"God, you're the writer." He laugh at himself.

I smile then start over looking at the bottle displayed. I walk around, leaving Navid with the keeper. My sight stop at the bottle that I am familiar with. It's the perfume. There are over 100 variants here how could I find it?

"Nay, you're really took a deep research. The perfume is really good. It has grapefruit, bitter orange, lemon and apple that provide zestiness at the top with the spicy heart of ginger and cinnamon." said Navid after he'd sniffed the bottle he hold. 

I can't hold my laugh with his play. "Yeah, you do read the brochure."

"Well, they pay me for reading."

He pays for the perfume then drag me to another place, Toby's Estate Coffee. A coffee-shop where if we go further, there is a book shop at the back. We could have our cup of hot coffee there while reading some books. I promise myself that I should have a tour in New York. There are many interesting places here.

"Do you enjoy our gateaway?" Navid look at me right through my eyes. 

I nod. "I thought you're gonna kidnap me in hideous weather."

"Is it your first winter in New York?" 

I nod again.

"Where were you last year? Weren't you writing for us at that time?"

"She was in Poland, remember? The girl that wrote about Chopin in Poland." Tania is suddenly in our conversation. "Where were you two love-birds? We're waiting for the book review agenda!"

"I'm working on it!" I cut it fast.

I should run away from it before it took me to the start point again. 

"Nay," Navid asks for a full attention.

"Let's have sometime together again."

It's really unexpected. But what can I say except a yes?


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