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Not a finale

Part 2: Broken Trust
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"Why don't you just make it crystal clear"
"Crystal clear what?"
"That man! He is not just a friend you always meet on the same date in these years"
"If he isn't my friend then what?"
"A boy friend... You must have special feeling toward him".
They both look at each other then pause. Actually they know the whole damn truth, but not sure what they have to do. That moment become awkward. The girl called Sabrina gets into her bedroom, leaves her roommate, Nayla. Has no willing to tell how nice dinner she had that night.
There was a time when everything went perfectly. When smiling meant happiness without any pretentious. But this kind of moment just didn't last long. Just like every nice weather day right before an eruption, it went away in a blink.
The truth that you believe, the trust that you hold on, they were gone when you had found a…