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Fear, a thing left unsaid

Late, as always.
But i sit still. I am too tired. I feel so exhausted. I turn off the phone. I have no interest to find out where he is, with whom and all. Like I've said i am too tired. And i don't give him a chance to tell  me that he comes late or he would cancel this meeting. I need to see him, to talk to him, to clear every silly-drama in my head. Even yes, i am tired, too powerless to fight back, not even to argue. I wait.
My coffee turns cold. I ordered a drinking that i couldn't drink. It's his favorite actually. i know that i would be here sooner than he could be. So i decided to order his favorite to make me feel that he is here. Its smell is his. I can see his figure in front of me as if he sits on the empty chair.
One hour left, and I am still alone. I start to sip the cold coffee. It's bitter and a bit sweet. I know i couldn't stand for it. But i still wonder why he loves this liquid much. I haven't found the answer. The bitter part is the big…

Pesan 2016

Dear S,
Apapun ingin dan anganmu tahun ini, jangan lupa untuk bahagia sayang, karena bahagia itu kita sendiri yang ciptakan.
Love you