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Mom, mooooooooom

Hello boy in my belly,I gonna be a mom. I am afraid of that but i also have to be honest that i really eager for that. Anyway, i always miss you dear. Eventhough i feel every kick and hiccup you have made, seeing you in screen when i have usg is something addictive for me. I saw your head, your tummy, your legs, they are adorable. I can't believe you are growing inside my tummy. Doctor said your weight is 500gr. It is good dear, i don't mind if you getting heavier everytime. It is indicated that you're fine and healthy. I got my belly hard everynight. It forces me to lie on bed, but not allow me to sleep. You kick me at 3 am, bring me to the rest room to take a pee. They are funny experience indeed. The best part of you is you always remind me to say a prayer. Not only in the morning,  at noon, before eat, before sleep, it can be said: Everytime. I am happy having you.Cant wait to see you in next control dear,
Cant wait to have you in this december,Boy, i always love youYo…
Seperti biasa, tak banyak kata. Bukan malas ataupun dungu, hanya saja tanpa bicarapun sudah buatku suka. Aku seperti memahaminya, meski ku akui jika bicara akan buat semuanya lebih jelas --- lebih mudah buat aku mengerti. Terima kasih sudah mau menungguku setiap hari.