Not a finale

Part one: it's seven years already

She bursts out laughing, nodding enthusiastically. "yes, you did it"

He laughs too. Shaking his head. "Hu-uh". Raising his hand, signaling the waiter for the check. "No, it was a mistake". His eyes shine with affection. "Don't you dare to make it up".

She laughs. "You drew Mr. Oz with his awkward curly hair, and he was standing behind you while you drawing it".

"Okay, okay. I drew Mr. Oz. But 'awkward curly hair' was too much. It was not awkward, it was fenomenal."

She covers her mouth. Try not make much noise.

A waiter comes over and hands in a black little map with a big smile. "Happy to see you two here".

They two look at each other then smile. "You know us?"

"I have worked here when it was opened. You were ones sitting near the window on rainy season at the same date on these seven years. I'm sure. I'm good in remembering things like this"

Something strikes her right on her heart. Seven years is quite long, isn't it?

"Thank you, man." He smiles while letting out a few crisp bills from his wallet, making sure to add a hefty tip for him.

Short, they standing outside. Watching the rain. Both of them are not willing to leave that place. Wishing that time will stop where they are. Silence fills their moment and cold air tickles their skin.

A man closes the rolling-door of the mini market across the street. Without look at the watch, they know it's 22 already.

"Well ---" they two say exactly the same. Then they laugh again.

"You first" say them in unison.

They laugh again. 

A phone rings. "Sorry, I have to take this" he said and answer the phone in wishper. "Okay, I am back now. Don't worry... it won't be long."

She checks her phone and found some message ask her to come home.

"So ---" he pauses, "I hope this is not the end"

"Sure, sure. But I have to go home now. It's late already.

"Yeah, unfortunately. Let me drop you off then!"

"No. No need not. I've just ordered uber. It will be here any minute"

A car pulls over and the driver said, Sabrina.

"This is it. Bye now" she says with a sweet smile

"Good bye" he says waving his hand.

It's not a good bye. They are ready for the same meeting next year.


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