Friday, August 14, 2015

Mom, mooooooooom

Hello boy in my belly,

I gonna be a mom. I am afraid of that but i also have to be honest that i really eager for that. Anyway, i always miss you dear. Eventhough i feel every kick and hiccup you have made, seeing you in screen when i have usg is something addictive for me. I saw your head, your tummy, your legs, they are adorable. I can't believe you are growing inside my tummy. Doctor said your weight is 500gr. It is good dear, i don't mind if you getting heavier everytime. It is indicated that you're fine and healthy.

I got my belly hard everynight. It forces me to lie on bed, but not allow me to sleep. You kick me at 3 am, bring me to the rest room to take a pee. They are funny experience indeed.

The best part of you is you always remind me to say a prayer. Not only in the morning,  at noon, before eat, before sleep, it can be said: Everytime. I am happy having you.

Cant wait to see you in next control dear,
Cant wait to have you in this december,

Boy, i always love you

You should know you're loved


23 weeks, 5 days



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