Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ups and Downs

"Are you happy?"

I couldn't directly answer that question.  I guess,  I've made a mistake in my stories that draws him to the question. I didn't mean to be that obvious that i am not happy. But i couldn't be that frank. I can't.  Just because i can't imagine the worst that could happen with this honesty.

He looks me in the eyes. Expecting the words from my mouth.

I shake my head. "I won't answer that"

He smiles. "Okay. I won't ask you any more"

I bite my lip. This is wrong. We should talk this over. It can't be just a pull stop like this.

He rises his hand, attracting a waiter to come over.

"Bill, please"

The waiter nods then disappears. We two don't start any conversation.  Pretending ourselves busy with our own gadgets. But i know pretty sure, nothing is inside. Nothing is inside our smart phones  that can really steals the main idea of tonight's issue.

"Excuse me, your bill is already paid. And we have same extra wine for you, the favorite couple"

I look at the waiter unbelievably. I see him as well. He has this What's-really-going-on-here?-look.

"Our owner likes you, and gives you this wine to show it." Explain the waiter.

I smile. I know whom he talked about. Letting him pour the wine inside our glasses. I can't stop smiling. We rarely eat out. But, everytime we have something to talk to, this is our favorite place. The only place that comforts us like a mom. We know the owner well. He is  more than just a friend.

I hold his right hand.  I look at him in the eyes and he answers me with a smile and a nod. Then I look at the waiter's face then say, "Send him our warm regards.  Tell him that we miss him much. Thank you for the bill and wine of course!"

The waiter smiles, he nods, "please enjoy"

He leaves us. I see his back disappear as the back door closed.

"I know sometimes life is not easy..." he paused. "... it makes me unhappy. But i know that i am with a right one, with you.."

He surprised me with his sentences. I can't say any word.

"This is probably our hard time, tomorrow can be worse than this but I believe in one day, we'll be happy as this hard time never happens."

I smile. I remember why i fall in love in the same person all the time.

"Don't you hear that we are still his favorite couple?"

I laugh.



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