Saturday, December 6, 2014

Another meeting with "I"

continue from meeting with "I"

I : So, you always have stories
Me : I love stories
I : Love stories
Me : Hahaha, you mixed them up
I : After the fart, i thought you were close with other boys
Me : Like you wonder, i was,
I : So how are they?
Me : … (*shaking my head)
I : I am waiting
Me : I don't know, i was failed once, and i was afraid to make a new one
I : Why?
Me : It left scar, I still remember it to the detail everytime i saw the scar
I : Then?
Me : Then I am tired of hoping
I : .... (*staring)
Me : Even devil was an angel once, how could i trust human that much?
I : That's hard, you should be healed!
Me : Yeah, i need a doctor
I : Dr. Dre you meant?
Me : Ya, Dr. Dre helped me ... slim shaddy is even better, it is the pain killer!
I : Mocking bird?
Me : Ah, that kicks me right on the butts
I : Hahaha, stop this stupidity, i am wondering your boo!
Me : He's from my childhood
I : Seriously? How could you both -- ?
Me : It's called faith
I : Come on, give me the story!
Me : One hour meeting won't be enough
I : Arrrrghhhh, i should know that in the first place!
Me : *giggle



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