Friday, February 14, 2014


Hey you, wanna talk?

Currently when I am typing this, i see someone there see me back from the mirror. I've been miss her lately. I feel that somehow she's changed. I don't know what it is exactly, I just feel something different about her. That's why I want to talk to her.

She is me in the mirror. Someone that reflecting physical me. Someone who is living in the reflecting medium. She is the one that I see in order to see me. Dizzy with this statement? Don't let it bother you much, just keep reading!

One thing I want from this girl, revealing the truth.

Why? I feel that she is no longer faithful to me. She hides something and I just can't figure out what. I want to know it. There is a thought, how come the reflection hide the reality from the reality itself? I see something I want to see, but I am afraid that it is not the truth. It's like naive.

I know my role, I know the rules ---- but I play jerk and break the rule.

So what is it?




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