Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's French Fries

So it wasn't our first date --- we had dinner together nights before. Yeah, that night was 'more' special.

We watched movies together. She loves watching movies, especially dramas, so I treated her to watched a hit movie. The one with at an old setting, telling about romance of first generation poet. Frankly, I didn't enjoy this movie because too many traditional language that I don't understand. Besides the chosen words for the dialogue is too poetry. It simply made me dizzy. So I started to scan around to kill the boredom, and I just caught french fries eaten by a strange girl next to me.

boy: 'The french fries is look tasty'
girl : 'Grab some then'
boy: 'Do I have to ask to that girl'
girl: 'I dare you to'
boy: 'What is it in return?'
girl: 'what do you want?'
boy: 'how far you would go?'
girl: 'anything'
boy: 'a kiss'
girl: 'okay'

'sorry, is that french fries? can i get some?'
'yes, sure!' then she gave me more.

boy: 'french fries'

>>> kiss <<<

Haha, is it french fries?


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