Saturday, November 23, 2013

What They Judged

It is funny when one of my friend asked me whether I was unstable!


Like a menopause old lady or WHAT?? Hahaa, please Laugh out loud fellas! PLEASE!

I was wonder why did he have such kind of question, and what make it's funnier is because the answer is THIS BLOG. He read my blog, read the stories specifically, then he came up with that kind of thought.

But I start thinking it over and wondering it might because the stories themselves. The genre I used to use is romantic-melancholic, one kind of topics that makes a girl in my age unstable. It seems there is no doubt on this hypothesis.

To be frank, I tried to write other genre--- (like fables or fairy tale fantasy for kids as I always dream I would become) however do that ain't easy. It's like I should learn, discuss with the one who masters it. You must know that.

But here is the least I can do: practising to write, and learn in autodidact.
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