Wednesday, November 6, 2013


... You, don’t you realize that the universe conspires to make us getting closer? It is countless that we were together in unpredictably. Like the bus stop this morning become the first witness today that we met (AGAIN) even though it is not my normal hour I've been in that bus station, and so haven't you. At that moment your sight hit mine and it just turned my heart beat up. Does yours respond the same way as well?

Or let me simply flashed back to yesterday, when we grabbed the same snack in the supermarket. Finally none of us take that snack just because we want to let the other has it. Or, let me highlight the obvious event which shows you were fated to me, back to the day when you donated your blood to me when I got an accident. You were there, to help me, to keep alive, then finally live with you.

Ah, this conspiracy just make me crazy about you. I’ve thought to much though.


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