Thursday, October 24, 2013

Working Field

I never share about my exciting work world, so I think, today is the day.

Like I've said couple weeks ago, I was accepted in a National TV station. It was surprising since I was placed in Research and Development Division while my education background is Economy under Accounting Major. About my work here are much more indefinable. Do you have any idea how TV station calculate Rating and Share? --- That's what I am doing here: extracting data of Rating and Share.

 Talking about Research, you should be familiar with Qualitative and Quantitative terms especially for you who are about to finish the thesis or for you who just finished it. Here, I am in Quan-titative one, providing data for Quali-tative team regarding data they need.

The excitement here is when I should racing with time in providing Rating and share prediction every morning for my director. I should submit that prediction report to his secretary before He arrives to the office. It's like I have very important job of the world. Wakakaka, That's pretty super bluffing actually but it is what I feel when doing this job.

Of course I do many things besides creating this 'prediction'. But so far, it is what I can share about my job, because I want to move to talk about MY FELLAAAASS.

My team-mates here are  VVIP! They are very very important people in this TV station. I really need special moment just for talking about them. So for now, It's gonna be just pictures. Even frankly I have no full team picture, above is pretty describing how the important people look like.


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