Monday, October 7, 2013

Gala Premier Invitation

I got invitation for attending Raditya Dika's Gala Premier: Manusia Setengah Salmon. Please say Yeaappppieeee loudly to me!

Frankly to say, it was for my Director, Mr. Ahmad Ferisqo Irwan but he couldn't attend that so it was given to ME, and my supervisor Mas Fauzan as Head of Qualitative Research. Mas Fauzan even offer me an extra ticket so I can go there with my pal. Unfortunately, my friend was too tired that night (and so was I actually), moreover he was not around. It would take much time for him to reach Planet Hollywood XXI. At the end, I just went home and left this ticket in my drawer in the office. Poor.

My senior cheered me up by telling me that there will be many invitation like this for us (RnD fellas) till we'd be sick of it and left the invitation as bookmark. Hopefully she is right.


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