Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Perfectly Fine

Yeah, I am definitely fine
Some people have pity on me, in fact ... I am fine
They ask me to move on, hey ... that was not that bad, I am fine
They say I deserve better, c’moon ... I know that pretty much, I am fine
They lend me their shoulders to lay on, ah ... I wasn’t that hurt, I am fine

Yeah, I am fine
Even though I’m standing on the edge, yes I am fine
I don’t like to fall and be down there, it wasn’t fine
I am holding on experiences so I’ll be fine
I don’t want to fall anymore, I must be fine

Mom, I am surely fine 
Even though I am too afraid to see the world
Even though I am too coward to check the phone
Even though I am so messed up 
Even though I am so weak
I'll be through it well

Dad, Please see my eyes, I am fine
Daddy's little girl is growing up, so please stop worrying about me
I promise you one thing
I'll become your sweet little girl again
Doing what you've told to me
I'll stop making excuses to myself if they will make you face such this fear

Siblings, I am -- your sister is just fine
You see me laugh on lame humor
Even it is odd you see me in this circumstance
But we finally have quality time together
You clearly know what happen with me
But you never ask me questions about it
Thank you for your feigning ignorance
Ya'll must be wonder how I make it fine
I learn to forgive, that I could not forget
That is how I do to be fine

(inspired by a lecturer I met in the campus)



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